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First major update in 2 years!  The following pages saw some changes:
  GVT Roster
  Finger Lakes Railway
  Buffalo Southern
  Somerset Railroad
  Rochester & Southern
  Owego Harford Railway
  Ontario Central
  Mohawk Adirondack & Northern
  Genesee & Wyoming
  Western NY and Pennsylvania
  Depew Lancaster & Western
  Livonia Avon & Lakeville
  Falls Road Railroad
  South Buffalo Railway
  Buffalo & Pittsburgh
  New York & Lake Erie
  B&H Rail Corp
  Attica & Arcade

  New logo for the website
  Integrated the Utica Railfan site into the GRRP
  Added the Mohawk Adirondack & Northern to the list of shortlines
  Added the Lowville & Beaver River to the list of shortlines
  Added the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum to the list of shortlines covered by this website
  Plenty of miscellaneous and minor updates, additions and corrections (usually an ongoing thing - nothing noteworthy).
  Added new pictures to the Livonia Avon & Lakeville roster from the LAL shops
  Updated New York & Lake Erie roster with Alco FA units in Corry PA
  G&W SW-1000 #1000 with #1003 remote caboose working the American Rock Salt mine
  Under the wire at the New York Museum of Transportation - traction car #168 in passenger service
  Added pictures of restored Ontario Midland Alco S-4 #3 in Dale Earnhardt inspired paint
  Updated Livonia Avon & Lakeville and Western New York & Pennsylvania locomotive rosters
  Have more maps and pictures to add to the website - coming real soon when I get the time to crop/edit/photoshop, etc...!
  Your webmaster takes the controls of a former US Navy 44-tonner in Florida  
  Added some pictures to the Picture Archive:
    B&P and G&W power on the Rochester & Southern
    Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum power in the snow
    Updated the Frequencies page
    Various minor updates here and there
  Added the newly formed Western New York and Pennsylvania to the website
  Created new Livonia Avon and Lakeville mailing list - lal_rail@yahoogroups.com
  Updated Amtrak schedules
  Updated the Genesee Valley Transportation locomotive roster with photo links
  Updated the Ontario Central Railroad page with updated pictures of their locomotive roster including Alco RS-36 #418
  Finally fixed the Picture Archive with pictures (mostly mine), maps and timetables
  Some updates to the Maps and Timetables page
  Starting to add links to engine numbers in locomotive rosters
  Fixed broken links
  Added a search engine to this website
  Minor corrections on Arcade & Attica
  Updates for Bath & Hammondsport
  Corrected yard frequency for Buffalo & Pittsburgh
  Updated customer list for Finger Lakes Railway
  Locomotive roster updated for the Livonia Avon & Lakeville, added corporate website link
  Ontario Central's corporate website link added
  Kodak coal now being hauled by the Rochester & Southern
  Someset Railroad history updated
  Fixed link for the Wellsboro & Corning
  Added spreadsheet with Rochester and Buffalo area trains for CSX
  Added color CSX maps from Erie PA to Albany NY and a map of Batavia
  Updated Genesee Valley Transportation locomotive roster
  Posted information for the Adirondack Scenic RR's Winter Excursions
  Posted Genesee & Wyoming Rules book from 1989
  Posted pictures from recent "Flying the Rails" plane ride
  Added picture of the Hojack Swing Bridge in use
10/29/99 - Finally created CSX page for the Rochester area
9/15/99 - Updated:
  Adirondack Scenic (ADCX) New: 9/15/99 
  Arcade & Attica (ARA) Updated: 9/15/99
  Buffalo Southern (BSOR) Updated: 9/15/99
  Falls Road (FRRR) Updated: 9/15/99
  Finger Lakes Railway (FGLK) Updated: 9/15/99
  Kodak Park (KPRR) Updated: 9/15/99
  New York & Lake Erie - (NYLE) Updated: 9/15/99
  Ontario Midland (OMID) Updated: 9/15/99
  Genesee Valley Transportation (unofficial) Updated: 9/15/99
  LINKS Updated: 9/15/99 
5/99 - Updated:
  Bath & Hammondsport (BH) Updated: 5/8/99
  Wellsboro & Corning (WCOR) NEW! 5/2/99
  MAPS Updated: 5/8/99 
  PICTURE PAGE Updated: 5/2/99 
4/99 - Updated:
  Rochester & Southern (RSR) Updated: 4/4/99
3/99 - Updated:
  Conrail Updated: 3/14/99
  Buffalo & Pittsburgh (BPRR) Updated: 3/4/99
  Dansville & Mount Morris (DMM) Updated: 3/4/99 
  Depew, Lancaster and Western (DLW) Updated: 3/4/99
  Genesee & Wyoming (GNWR) Updated: 3/4/99
  Livonia, Avon & Lakeville (LAL) Updated: 3/4/99
  Ontario Central (ONCT) Updated: 3/14/99 
  Genesee & Wyoming Industries, Inc. (unofficial) Updated: 3/4/99
  South Buffalo (SB) Updated: 3/14/99
  RADIO FREQUENCIES Updated: 3/14/99 
2/99 - Updated:
  Somerset (SOM) Updated: 2/14/99
  Tonawanda Island (TILR) - fallen flag Updated: 2/19/99
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